Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Canada Rocks, updated

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the entire country of Canada. A couple of days ago, I received two inspiring and uplifting messages from the first-ever Canadian to write into my blog. Ever! In light of these recent messages, I want to take this moment to emphasize that Cactuseaters.blogspot is a Canada-friendly zone and let you know that I, too, was offended by the recent Billy Bob Thornton comments. It helps to remember that Billy Bob has also said some peculiar things about the Statue of Liberty and antique shops, among other things. If I ever have the chance to go on a book tour throughout Canada, I promise to never compare your fans to Thanksgiving foodstuffs. By the way, I am soliciting contributions to "stuff you probably don't know about Canada.'' Feel free to send in at any time, and I'll turn it, eventually, into a continually updated column, available only here on Cactuseaters.blogspot


Dana said...

Woohoo, I'm the first Canadian...yeah EH! :)
Thanks so much Dan, this was a nice post to read, and I'm very honoured to be the first Canadian to post on your blog (even if we don't have much 'gravy' on our mashed potatoes lol..that Billy Bob, he's just too funny)

As soon as more Canadians get wind of your book and read it, I'm sure you'll have many more of us Canucks swinging by here.

Best of luck with your sales in Canada, I'm definately recommending your book to all my travel/adventure-loving friends.


Dana said...

Just thought I'd add a few fun facts about Canada :)

1.We don't have snow all year-round, nor do we live in Igloos.

2. We do have currency (which is also the dollar), we no longer trade in beaver pelts and gunpowder.

3. Although a large percentage of the country is not overly habitable due to extreme climate conditions (eg: roughly 90% is not suitable for crops), the bulk of our population live in cities not far from the border (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver are only an hour or two from the border). So our major cities have similar climates to Detroit, Syracuse and Seattle (see first fact about Canadians not living in igloos lol)

4. A Canadian invented basketball-
Dr James Naismith invented the game in 1891 in Almonte, Ontario.

5. the term 'hoser' (Bob & Doug) is not an insult, rather it means 'good friend' in Canadian :)

cactuseaters said...

Dana -- this is incredible. Keep sending along the fun facts and I will post them straight-up.